Ubah format tulisan Sticky Notes

Biasanya saya menyimpan nota, url untuk rujukan , kod contoh dan lain-lain perkara ringkas dalam Notepad dan terus sync ke servis Cloud seperti Dropbox dan Google Drive.

 Kadang-kadang perlu juga menyimpan nota sementara dan terus buang selepas perkara itu selesai. Jadi pilihan saya ialah Sticky Notes. Tetapi menu pilihan yang disediakan untuk mengubah format tulisan sangat terhad. Jadi di sini saya kongsikan shortcut tersembunyi untuk mengubah format tulisan Sticky Notes anda.


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Changing DNS Address

This is how you change your DNS address.

  1. On your keyboard, press key Windows+R. The key with the Windows logo on it and the letter R key.
  2. The Run box will appear,then type ncpa.cpl in the and press enter. 
  3. Right-click and choose Properties on your current active network adapter, let say Wireless Adapter.
  4. From list of items in the box that appeared, find the one that has version 4 (v4), click it, and click Properties.
  5. The click on Use the following DNS server address:
  6. Enter your DNS address, and click OK, OK.


-If you want to change it back to automatic, just repeat step 1-4 and choose Obtain DNS server automatically

Windows 8 : The extended attributes are inconsistent

So my friend having this problem, when try to run an installer or executable (.exe) file, this message appear.

The extended attributes are inconsistent

It caused by the broken UAC prompt it theming/styling and personalizing your Windows. Well maybe Microsoft will patch it in Service Pack 1.


The solution :

  1. Righclick on your Volume icon, next to the clock (bottom right of your screen)
  2. Choose Sound
  3. Select other Sound Scheme and Apply
  4. Now try to re-run the application that you failed to run.

😛 Hopefully this help.